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Using industries and sectors

Don’t panic!

Getting into investing can be hard, and when being faced with the choice of several thousands of stocks it can quickly become overwhelming. When we are faced with something overwhelming we tend to turn to professionals and ask for their help and opinions. The so called professionals are often in fact professional salesmen, with an agenda of their own. For example to sell you badly managed, expensive mutual funds and gather big fees. You can save those fees and get superior performance over time following our investing models.

We feel that the tasks of researching stocks and building a portfolio can be made quite easy. One quick tip to look at stocks is to start with industries and sectors. By browsing between 5-10 different fields you get a better overview of what kind of stocks there are to invest in. From that you can form an opinion of what kind of stocks you are interested in, and use our rating method to filter out the best companies in each sector.

Use simple tools to grasp the overwhelming

Vision is by far the most dominant human sense. By visualizing the stock market you have a better chance at success. By dividing and sorting the stock market into categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories (industries and sectors) you get an easier overview of what you might be interested in investing in.

The following top-level industries are presented at Stocksholm:

  • Healthcare
  • Services
  • Financial
  • Technology
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Goods
  • Conglomerates
  • Basic Materials
  • Utilities

By grouping together over 2500 stocks in over 200 categories, and grouping those into the above 9 industries, you can take something that is complicated and stressful and turn it into something that is easier to understand and quick to overview.

Test our advanced features

Just looking at categories top-down is helpful for selecting stocks, but if you really want to get into it and find the top rated stocks in each industry or sector you should try our premium feature. This is a service with the benefits of traditional investing, but with the advantages of modern technology. Run by robots – for the people.