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Stocksholm are the winners!

Earlier this month Stocksholm competed and won in the competition Venture Cup IdeaHunt!

Stocksholm was one of over 300 entries that got hand picked by the jury to be a part of the top 20 best ideas. Among the other winners were Endometrix who are aiming to help treat endometriosis and ThermalScan that wants to help to diagnose early cancer, making treating it a lot easier, so Stocksholm was in good company. Stocksholm was also the only company with a FinTech idea that were selected to the top 20, meaning that the jury saw our full potential for future greatness. All winners got to pitch their idea on stage and Stocksholm received a lot of interesting questions. There were a lot of people discussing and showing interest in the service afterwards.

Venture Cup is the largest competition for entrepreneurs in the Nordic countries. Over the 20 years that the competition has existed, over 27 000 companies have competed in Venture Cup. Venture Cup partners with some of the biggest companies and universities in the Nordic countries and among the alumni are successful companies such as Trine and Uniti, among many others.

For Stocksholm this is just one of the first small steps to get publicity. The competition meant a small sum of money as a prize, but most of all it is a confirmation that the Stocksholm service has a lot of potential. If you want, you too can sign up and test the Premium service with all its perks.

Photo by Elisabeth Ingvar.