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Merry Christmas 2018 from the Stocksholm team!

Merry Christmas! God jul! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Frohe Weinachten! And a happy Hanukkah!

No matter if you celebrate holidays or not this time of year it can be a good time to take some time and reflect on your year and your investments. The American stock markets are closed for some time, and the trading is generally slow this time of year. This year has been a slow year and the big indexes are down around 10%. This is not a bad thing! This just means that there is a good chance to find good companies at lower prices in the stock markets.

Stocks are also perfect to give as gifts. Truly gifts that keep on giving! A portfolio worth $100 today can be worth twice that in a few years. If you want to give something new to someone, why not try to give a subscription to Stocksholm? You can sign your giftee up at our Premium page. The first month is even free, so it is perfect if you already spent all your money. Or maybe you got money as a Christmas gift yourself and want to use it so save in stocks? You are of course welcome to sign yourself up as well!