What is your vision?

Our vision is that the stock market should be made more easily accessible for all, regardless of your background and knowledge in economics. Everyone should have the power to influence their own economic situation and invest in ideas they believe in.

Why should I use your site and not some other service?

Our site is built to focus on company information from a service and product perspective rather than an economical perspective. The economical data is still there, but it is not the focus, and we have tried to automate all the evaluation of the company economics so that you can focus on your interest in the company profile. We believe that we are currently the only company doing this – if you feel that there is a more suitable service for your needs we would love for you to tell us. Send us some feedback through the contact us page and we will reward it.

Can I invest directly through your site?

Not at the moment, but that is one function we might add in the future. For now you have to use your own bank or stock broker. We do not want to make any general recommendations here, as we are independent.

Is the site safe to use?

Yes! We have built the site with your security in mind. We will not disclose your data to anyone externally, and will not look at your individual data internally. All payments are done through our third-party payment processor Stripe, so you never have to disclose your credit card details to us. The whole site is run through secure connections.

What do I do if I find a bug?

Report it through our contact us page! We will reward all bug reports (maybe not with gold and free ponies, but you might get a free month subscription, a keychain or something like that).

Portfolio Construction

How should I build my portfolio?

We recommend buying the top 25 rated stocks, and that you save a little every month to buy some more with every paycheck. This automatically gives you a good diversification and risk mitigation.

Equal weight the stocks and re-balance once every year. This means that you will always have fresh performers in your portfolio, and that you remove under-achievers.

You buy 25 top-rated stocks. If say 15 of those are no longer top rated a year later, you should sell them and replace them with new top-rated stocks. Each individual stock should in this case make up about 4% of your portfolio. If a stock makes up 8% of the portfolio after a year, you should sell half of that stock. If another makes up 2% of the portfolio, you should buy more of that. If one stock is no longer in our Top List, you should replace it.

Stock market data and investment philosophy

What science is your rating system based on?

Read more about this our Rating Methods page.

What markets do you cover?

We currently cover the US stock markets New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq (NASDAQ) and Bats Z-Exchange (BATS). NYZE and NASDAQ may be considered two of the oldest and biggest stock markets in the world, where companies like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and more are traded. We aim to add more as we go, so that you can build a portfolio of companies all over the world. A global perspective is in our roots – we want to cover the whole world.

Where do you get your data?

The data is retrieved through various API’s (Application Programming Interface). The financial real-time/daily data is retrieved from API’s delivered by Intrinio.


The company logotypes are retrieved from another API and pictures of the company operations we have fetched from the companies websites ourselves (it was a lot of work, we can tell you).

How often do you update the data?

The economic data and ratings are currently being updated once a day. It is our belief that this is enough for long term investors. The market can fluctuate differently over different time periods, and for short term investments it is good to have access to real time data (as fast as your internet can get the data from the markets themselves). It is therefore our target to get to that point in the future, but for now it requires too much from our data suppliers to be viable.

When do you update the data?

The data is updated daily at around midnight CET, when most stock markets world wide are closed for regular trading (some may still be open for pre-market or after hours trading). This will with time be changed to be an instate-update service, but we do not have that capacity today.

Cost, payments, account management and account information

Why do you require payment for some services?

Our vision is to have more people invest in the stock markets, since it is a good way to help the world grow at the same time as you can earn money on your investment. To comply to that vision it is also a goal of ours to keep the service as cheap as possible. We do this partly by automating all that is possible, but also by keeping our team small and our expenses low. To make sure that no one can influence our independence however we need to finance the service through the users – you. If we worked like for example Google we could provide the services free of charge and instead get paid by companies to give them your data or improve their rating on our site – but this would compromise our promise to you.  You would be the product then and not the customer, and the presented data would not be “pure”.

Can I cancel my account subscription?

Yes, we do not force you to stay more than you want. We all have different lives and sometimes we need to take a break from some hobbies or remove as many expenses as we can. Therefore, the last time you paid is always your last payment if you wish to cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to: My account » Subscriptions
  2. Locate your subscription
  3. Click the Cancel button

Can I renew my credit card?

Yes, but first you have to cancel your active subscription:

  1. Navigate to: My account » Subscriptions
  2. Cancel your subscription
  3. Logout and login again
  4. Click the Renew Now button

Can I remove my account?

Yes, of course you can remove your account! Maybe our service was not to your liking – sorry to see you go, but we can respect that. Please contact us and if you feel like it, you can provide us with some feedback as to why you are ending your account.

What happens with my user data?

We use your data internally to improve the site usability and functionality. Your individual data can never be pinpointed to you. The statistical data will never be sold to any external companies. You will never receieve a telephone call from a salesman asking you to buy stuff because of us. Scout’s honor.

About Stocksholm

Where does the name “Stocksholm” come from?

It is a wordplay on the words Stocks (what we do) and Stockholm (where we are).

Who are you?

We are a team of three dedicated guys who want to improve the world. Levi who has a background in engineering, Pablo who has worked with web programming and Kristjan who is a finance guru.

What kind of beer do you prefer?

Levi likes all kinds of beer, depending on the occasion. Preferably an amber ale or a red ale. Pablo is a light lager kind of guy – Corona or Heineken. Kristjan hasn’t really grown up yet, even though he is the oldest, so he’ll be best impressed by a Smirnoff Ice or similar.

Can I invest in your company?

We are always open to suggestions – but we are not looking to sell shares at the moment. If you are an angel investor or similar, please get in touch via the contact us page and we can discuss this further.

Can I work with you?

At the moment we are still too small to recruit – but keep your eyes out for job openings, soon enough we will have to expand.