Visualization and simplicity

One of the core ideas behind Stocksholm is to make it easy to understand what a company does. We believe you should have the chance to choose what you want to invest in. You should have freedom of choice. We don’t want to tell you what you SHOULD buy, only what you CAN buy.

Investing is about business, but business is more than numbers. Sometimes, the best way to understand a company is to see what it does. Investing can be just as simple as seeing. We want to show you.

Automated, transparent rating based on science

We take care of the numbers – so that you don’t have to. Stocksholm has an automated, science based rating algorithm that is updated everyday. We show you which companies are financially stable and which ones that have good potential to keep going strong. Everything is displayed in a way that is easy to understand – just look for the stars and choose the companies that you like.

Since we want to make sure you feel safe when investing your money, we are completely open about how our algorithm works. If you are interested, read more in How Stocksholm Works.

Independence and objectivity

We are completely independent and own the company ourselves, so that no external factors can influence the rating of the stocks in our system. This means that all data you get on the site is identical for all users all over the world – no data is individually directed towards you. This also means that no external factors can influence our objectivity. We work for you – no one else.

Security and integrity

We are of course invested in your security, which is why we use great caution and the highest safety standards while dealing with your personal data. For safe transferring of your data during the registration, and especially credit card details, we use a secure transfer method – the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) connection. The money is handled through the well known payment method “Stripe”.

All your personal details are handled according to European directive GDPR – we do not sell or distribute your details to anyone else, nor do we store anything about you that we aren’t obliged to by law. We care about your integrity.

The team

Stocksholm is a service that is owned and run by a Swedish company Frontvestor AB (559113-6311) based in Stockholm. We are a bunch of tech-nerds who think that the stock market could be easier to understand and more available for all. We have built this service to provide fresh data about registered companies, but where the focus is more on the companies themselves than on the actual stock data.

FAQ and contact

We are proud of our service but also open to suggestions and changes. We will reward those who help us improve the service and we encourage you to contact us and report bugs and errors if you find them. If you have any general questions we refer you to the FAQ, and if that does not cover it you are welcome to contact us. We try to get back to you as quickly as we can, even if you would just like to discuss the weather or what kind of beer we like.