Stock ratings & portfolios

Stocksholm visualizes the businesses behind stocks to make them easier to understand. We help you save in stocks by rating companies based on their financial performance.

Get a smarter saving

Calculate your expected return value based on an initial investment and monthly deposits. The interest you earn each year makes your investment grow at an increasing rate. This is called compound interest.

How Stocksholm Works


We visualize all stocks in the market so that you can browse for companies you like.


We rate all stocks financial performance with algorithms based on Nobel Prize winning research.


You pick the best performers that also fit your interests. Build your portfolio. Invest with every paycheck.

Why Stocksholm

Filter and sort through all stocks in a visual interface to find your favorite companies.

Access our readymade Top 100 Stocks list, or build your own lists with your own preferences.

Build your portfolio with our diverse allocation tool. We show you how to split your investments.

The Team

We are a bunch of tech-nerds in our 30s and have been best friends since elementary school. We are on a mission to make the stock market easier to understand and more available and accessible for all.

Kristjan provides the team with the algorithms and ideas on how to build the portfolios.

Levi manages all the content, designs the website and helps us reach out to new people.

Pablo translates the algorithms to code and maintains the application.